322 BROW LINE Rose Golden Vol. 2

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Content: 1 piece
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  • Product-Code: SB322RG2

Choose a color from the ZOEVA Brow Spectrum Palette that matches your natural hair or mix your own custom blend. Use the ZOEVA 322 Brow Line to re-draw the outer lines of your eyebrows by following your natural brow shape symmetrically. Fill in the brows using short upward strokes. To create an extra natural look, use two different shades and apply the lighter tone to the fullest part of brows and the darker tone to define the outer part.

With a firm, slanted shape and tightly bound pure synthetic hair, the ZOEVA 322 Brow Line is a must-have tool for well-defined eyebrows. Suitable for cream and powder products alike, the fine, tapered brow brush fits perfectly along the arches and provides ultimate line precision for incredibly flawless brows.

1 brush in cardboard box

Full length: 16.5 cm
Hair: pure synthetic hair

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