102 SILK FINISH Rose Golden Vol. 2

ZOEVA 102 Silk Finish Rose Golden Vol.2
Powder, liquid, and cream makeup
EUR 15,50

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Content: 1 piece
Base price: EUR 15,50 / 1 piece
  • Product-Code: SB102RG2

For a super-natural finish, use the ZOEVA 102 Silk Finish to apply your makeup by gently dabbing the brush onto your skin and softly blending the edges in circular motions.

The ZOEVA 102 Silk Finish is a foundation brush for the flawless application of foundation, powder and mineral makeup. The brush rests comfortably in your hand and allows for an incredibly soft and easy application of all powder, liquid and cream textures. Equipped with pure synthetic hair, this brush guarantees a streak-free, natural-looking makeup finish.

1 brush in cardboard box

Full length: 16.5 cm
Hair: pure synthetic hair

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