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Providing the perfect canvas for vibrant eye makeup looks, our ZOEVA Eyeshadow Fix "Matte" prepares the eyes with a long-lasting, crease-proof formula for all-day wear. Enriched with rice silk, the innovative, easy-to-blend eye primer works great for oily eyelids, intensifying eyeshadows, while smoothing out imperfections.

Wear this matte eyeshadow base alone to even out your natural lid tone or as a base for matte eyeshadows. The silky texture creates a great nude base and camouflages discolorations, while enhancing the durability and intensity of eyeshadows – for a velvety, ultra-matte finish.

The formulation of the eyeshadow fix is enriched with rice silk and vitamin E. Made in Italy.

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Content: 7.5 ml, Base price: 126,67 EUR / 100 ml
Product-Code: EF001


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