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Inspired by a butterfly’s metamorphosis, the Melody collection will transform your look with lightness and ease. Featuring a ZOEVA eyeshadow palette, five lip gloss shades, and a handheld makeup mirror, this makeup collection set was created to help every woman become who they were always meant to be.

Melody Eyeshadow Palette: 10 eyeshadows (4 matte, 3 satin, 2 duochrome, 1 shimmer)
Gowns Swirling: Matte porcelain pink with glitter
Airy Dalliance: Satin delicate apricot
Gentle Clasp: Satin cool blue with glitter
Cocoon of Doubt: Satin antique gold
Fly Solo: Matte cool ash brown
From Heaven: Duochrome rose satin base with icy blue shift
Whirled Above: Matte sandy maple brown sugar
Crystal Wings: Duochrome rust-red satin base with golden green shift
Soul Unheld: Shimmer golden honey bronze
About to Leave: Matte rich espresso brown

Melody Lip Gloss in shades:
Fly Away: Clear gloss with purple sparkle
Spread Your Wings: Clear gloss with golden sparkle
Become a Butterfly: Clear gloss with rose golden sparkle
Join the Dance: Delicate peachy nude with honey-gold shimmer
Radiant Flight: Soft pink nude with silver sparkle

Melody Mirror

Limited edition. The Melody Eyeshadow Palette and Lip Glosses are made in Italy.

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Content: 1 piece, Base price: 75,00 EUR / 1 piece
Product-Code: MELODYBOX


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