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Capped for travel convenience and a mess-free storage, the ZOEVA 330 Lip Contour is a travel-friendly makeup tool which can easily be stored in your handbag for quick lip touch-ups.

Carefully pick up some color, brush along the lip contour with the tip of the brush and then paint the entire lip with the side of the brush.

The tapered, handcrafted ZOEVA 330 Lip Contour is a professional tool to define your lip contour and apply lip products evenly on the entire lip. Assembled with pure synthetic hair, it enables a precise color application and easily reaches the corners of the lips. Thanks to its cover cap, the tiny lip brush is the perfect travel companion and ideal for quick touch-ups as it safely slips into the makeup bag without staining other equippment.

1 brush + 1 zipper brush bag

Full length: 17 cm
Hair: pure synthetic hair

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