101 LUXE FACE DEFINER Rose Golden Vol. 2

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Content: 1 piece
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  • Product-Code: SB101RG2

This luxurious powder brush delivers a soft and even application, fixes the makeup and is the perfect tool for contouring. Before application, flick the brush with your index finger to remove excess powder.

Easy contouring: Place the brush at the center of the ear, guide towards the tip of the nose and stop shortly before the corner of the eye. Lightly whisk the color remaining on the brush under the chin and on the hairline.

This luxurious powder brush is shaped to apply loose and pressed powder. The natural-synthetic hair mix offers even and smooth application and sets the makeup to a gorgeous finish. Silky and soft it turns the application of powder products into a beauty experience you cannot get enough of.
1 brush in cardboard box

Full length: 17.5 cm

Hair: natural- synthetic
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