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With its unique shape, the ZOEVA 98 Luxe Contour Artist is an expert tool for professional contouring with powder based products.

For a defined, expressive complexion, pick up your desired shade from the ZOEVA Contour Spectrum Palette, place the brush right below your cheekbone and guide towards the tip of your nose. Lightly whisk the color remaining on the brush under the chin and along the hairline. Blend softly for a flawless finish.

Thanks to its unique silhouette which perfectly adapts to the facial contours, the ZOEVA 98 Luxe Contour Artist flatters cheeks, chin and temples with the softest natural-synthetic hair blend and allows even contouring newcomers to mold their facial features professionally. The brush adjusts impeccably to any face shape and additionally is an excellent tool for applying blush or bronzer.

1 brush + 1 zipper brush bag

Full length: 17.5 cm
Hair: natural-synthetic hair blend

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