ZOEVA 120 Kabuki
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The classic, dense ZOEVA 120 Kabuki is the perfect makeup brush to cover large areas with pressed or loose powder, mineral makeup and bronzer – for a flawless finish with high coverage.

Pick up a good amount of powder, gently flick the brush with your thumb and index finger to remove excess powder, then blend and diffuse the product in circular motions for a soft finish.

The handcrafted, short-handled ZOEVA 120 Kabuki is a big, fluffy powder brush, indispensable for the professional application of mineral makeup, loose and pressed powder as well as bronzer. Assembled with luxuriously full and super-soft synthetic hair, the dense brush offers high coverage and is ideal for quick touch-ups.

Side note: Kabuki brushes originated in Japan and were used in Geisha and Kabuki theaters for beauty rituals. They were especially popular among actresses who needed to wear a lot of makeup, which in turn had to appear immaculate.

1 brush + 1 zipper brush bag

Full length: 7 cm
Hair: pure synthetic hair

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