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Sugar & Spice

The follow-up to the original Plaisir Box, this collection set features three eyeshadow palettes, one inspired by chocolates, one inspired by caramel, and a just-arrived collection packed with spicy shades. A fresh outer box design makes this delicious new release a makeup must-have and beautiful gift idea.

Caramel Melange Eyeshadow Palette (10 eyeshadows: 6 mattes, 1 shimmer, 1 satin, 1 metallic, 1 matte with glitter)
WAX PAPER: Matte creamy-white buttermilk
UNIVERSAL DELIGHT: Matte tawny butterscotch
AFTERTASTE: Matte pumpkin spice orange
182°C: Shimmery golden caramel
LIQUID CENTER: Metallic bronze
ALCHEMY: Matte delicate gingersnap
START SOFT: Matte powder cinnamon
FINISH SENSUAL: Matte hazelnut praline
ALMOST BURNT: Satiny burnt gold
EDIBLE GEM: Matte espresso with golden glitter

Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette
(10 eyeshadows: 4 mattes, 3 shimmers, 1 metallic, 1 satin, 1 matte with glitter)
BITTER START: Matte soft ivory
SWEETER END: Shimmery white macadamia
WARM NOTES: Shimmery glazed cranberry
SUBTLE BLEND: Shimmery deep almond
BEANS ARE WHITE: Matte dark chocolate brown
PURE GANACHE: Metallic golden crème brûlée
SUBSTITUTE FOR LOVE: Matte toffee cream
FRESHLY TOASTED: Matte dark hazelnut
INFUSION: Matte black with golden honey glitter
DELICATE ACIDITY: Satin sparkling raisin

Spice of Life Eyeshadow Palette
(10 Lidschatten: 3 x Schimmer, 4 x Matt, 1 x Metallic, 1 x Glitzer, 1 x Duo-Chrome)A NUANCE: Matte vanilla nude
UNLIKE ANY OTHER: Glitter pink rock salt
FORTUITOUS MOMENTS: Shimmering rose tea copper
BALANCE THE CONTRAST: Duo-chrome red orange saffron
THE FLAVOR: Shimmering golden cumin brown
OF THE FAVOR: Matte cinnamon brown
SURPRISES OF LIFE: Matte reddish brown clove
FAVORITE DISCOVERY: Metallic pink peppercorn
VARIETY IS KEY: Shimmering lavender licorice
SHARED JOY: Matte gingerbread brown

Easy-to-blend formula. Richly pigmented. Caramel Melange Eyeshadow Palette and Cocoa Blend Eyeshadow Palette are made in Italy. Spice of Life Eyeshadow Palette is made in Germany.

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Content: 1 piece, Base price: 62,00 EUR / 1 piece
Product-Code: PLAISIRBOX2


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